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Sir Stelios new airline called Fastjet

Sir Stelios Announced just a few days ago that he will be launching a new airline called Fastjet.
The decision has come about as Sir Stelios has been involved in numerous disputes with Easyjet, the company that he and his family own a huge 38% of shares in. It comes shortly after the news that Sir Stelios was due near to £71 million in dividends.

So far little is known About the new venture in ‘Fastjet’ such as whether Fastjet Flights will be competing with easy jet or even if there is any funding or aircrafts for the venture. There is also no information currently to be found at Companies House apparently.
Easyjet has stated that there are a number of rights under its agreement them and Sir Stelios. This would imply that if Sir Stelios and his new venture’s (FastJet) activities infringed any of those rights then EasyJet would be forced to take action against it.
Easyjet have said they will be trying to create a running dialogue with Easygroup and Sir Stelios in order to resolve or decrease tension building from the current events that have occurred.

FastJet Flights

Check back here to find out more about what ‘FastJet’ will be offering in way of fares, flights and services. When more information is released by Sir Stelios on this new venture we’ll be looking at it in depth and seeing what this airline could offer in the future.

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This is the holding page you can see when you visit the FastJet homepage! As soon as more information is available then we’ll be showing information on FastJet Flights and other details on the new venture from Sir Stelios.
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